Join a culture of permanent

Over the last 7 years, we’ve been learning from our wins and losses. Every person and experience have shaped our culture, and we expect that to continue forever.

Every voice matters.

We don’t believe hierarchies mean much in our industry. At Yellowme we are a community of committed designers and engineers with a shared value system. We reject bureaucracy and believe in simple and thoughtful processes.

Be a leader.

Leadership is not management. Leadership starts with one’s self and never ends. A true leader inspires their peers, apprentices, other leaders and the community at large.

Commit wholeheartedly.

We don’t simply place you on a project. Yellowme makes sure that you are fully committed to the purpose of the client you’re working with and deeply care about the challenge ahead.

Become one with our clients.

We are not an agency or a dev shop. We build real world teams. This means putting the work alongside our clients to establish the tools, process, mindset and camaraderie that make a group successful in the long run.

We are our values

The team has grown, our model has continuously evolved but our core values remain the same. If anything, we’re always looking to strengthen them by bringing the best possible people to work with us.

Strive for ownership

This is not only a job. Cultivate an owner mentality towards our work.

Questions above answers

Having an answer is OK. Knowing that you don’t have the answer and coming up with a question is 10X better.

Always be learning

Listen to others, experiment, read books and open dialogue. Do whatever you need to do, but never stop exploring.

No one is left behind

Be there for others and remember that others are there for you.

Give back to the community

Remember that you’re standing on the shoulders of giants. Share what you learn along the journey for others to stand on your discoveries.

Recognize the struggle

Be compassionate and don’t forget that technology is built by humans and for humans, and every human is fighting a fight.

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Yellowme is Dani and 60 other amazing designers, engineers and product managers.